The Resort, Mumbai

The Only Five Star Beach Resort In Mumbai


Dive into a world of indulgence at High Tide, our Pool & Sea View Restaurant, where culinary excellence dances with mesmerizing ocean views. Delight in the tantalizing flavors of our cuisine while basking in the peaceful ambiance that seamlessly melds gourmet sophistication with panoramic coastal scenes. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary dining experience, elevating each meal into a cherished journey along the water’s edge, where every dish is a celebration of taste and the surrounding beauty.

Timings: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm


UPPER DECK, the bar at The Resort is located at the main lobby level and is seamless with High Tide and offers a stunning view of the ocean.
A few of our special cocktails are Sea Breeze, which is a mix of Tequila, apricot brandy & coconut cream & Deep Sea Diving which is a mix of Bacardi Lemon, lemonade & Crème de Menthe. Varied choice of Wines from across the world is also available.
Timings: – 12 noon until 11 pm.

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Driving Directions

Nearest station is Malad & It takes 40 minutes to travel from Malad Station to The Resort. Approximate driving.

23 KM

from Domestic Airport Mumbai