Where to Get The Best Buffet Offers in Mumbai?

Many hotels offer a buffet breakfast, or some other type of buffet, for their guests to make sure they save time on planning and focus more on relaxing. Buffets are a popular breakfast option, especially in the morning. They allow you to be creative with your breakfasts while ensuring you have time to get into your day.

With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find something you enjoy every day. Plus, buffets are a great way to try new dishes without any commitment. When looking for buffets in Mumbai, it can be a challenge to find the one with the best offers. This article discusses some of the best ways to get discounts on Buffets in Mumbai.

How to Find The Best Buffet Offers in Mumbai?

Mumbai is India’s commercial capital and the most-visited destination in the country. It’s a place where you can find all kinds of things, from restaurants to spas, hotels to shopping malls.

There are many ways through which you can find the best deals on buffets in Mumbai. Many hotels offer discounts and promotions on their buffets for the stay. Here are some ways to find them:

1) Check Hotel’s Website – Hotels websites can be a good place to check the discounts and offers of hotels you’re considering. They also give you an idea of what their prices range is and whether or not they have certain amenities that are important to you. Be sure to check the hotel’s website or social media for special promotions, freebies, and giveaways.

2) Find out coupon codes – Discount coupons are often found on websites like Groupon, Dineout, and others. This is a website that offers discounts through unique codes. You’ll need to make a reservation earlier to qualify for the discount, but you will be able to take advantage of the discounted price.

3) Hotel’s Newsletter- Joining hotel newsletters is a great way to stay updated on the latest deals and discounts. They come with promotions and discounts that would be hard to find otherwise or get elsewhere. When choosing hotels throughout the year, they are a proven way of making sure you don’t miss out on any important offers.

4) Hotel Membership – It is important to keep in mind that joining a hotel’s membership program is the best way to save money on hotel buffets. Most hotels offer them and when you have an account, not only can you save money, but get special benefits including discounts & VIP treatment all across the properties.

What are the Best Buffet Dining Options in Mumbai?

The Resort Mumbai is a five-star beach resort in the city of Mumbai and is known for its exceptional dining and excellent service. Its location also makes it an ideal destination for travelers who are looking for a luxurious holiday in India.

Located near Madh-Marve Road, Aksa Beach, Malad it is a relaxing getaway that includes modern rooms with a garden, pool, and sea views. It’s a perfect place for anyone looking to escape their day-to-day. The Resort has an awe-inspiring lobby, luxurious rooms, and a central location.

The Resort Mumbai is also home to some luxurious dining facilities and top-tier restaurants. If you’re looking to unwind and have a few drinks on the town, then look no further than this swanky destination. It has some of the most luxurious restaurants and bars serving exquisite cuisines. Visit this amazing restaurant in The Resort Mumbai and experience something new.

HIGH TIDE- Pool and Sea View Restaurants

HIGH TIDE by The Resort is redefining fine dining by offering a trendy spot with an innovative ambiance and great style. This restaurant has the capacity to seat 118 guests. It provides seating spaces that match different needs and are designed to be flexible for all patrons, providing a wide range of dining experiences.

The restaurant has an understated and chic design, which offers a contemporary feel alongside ocean and pool views. This space is also welcoming and provides the perfect place to escape from the heat of the day.

What are the Offers on Buffet for Resort Experiences Member?

The Resort Experiences is a luxury hotel membership in Mumbai. Our hotel membership offers exclusive benefits and privileges that enhance the experience of staying at ‘The Resort Mumbai’.

Members of The Resort Experiences can enjoy discounts on food and drinks as well as other amenities such as complimentary breakfast. Here are some deals on food and beverage –

Complimentary Buffet Meal for Two

When you sign up for The Resort Experiences membership, you get to enjoy one certificate for a sumptuous complimentary buffet meal for two people.

This certificate is valid on all three membership types- Classic, Signature, and Ivory. However, this offer is not valid on Sunday Brunch.

Discount on Group Dining

Group dining discounts are an important benefit of The Resort Experiences memberships. From Sunday to Friday get 50% off food for up to 10 people. This certificate is not valid on Sunday Brunch.

Enjoy 4 certificates for this exciting discount on group dining. The Resort Mumbai is the perfect spot to host your next special occasion- whether it’s a birthday party or wedding anniversary.

Complimentary Cake and Wine

The Resort Mumbai is a place where you can have a perfect celebration. Whether it’s your birthday or your wedding day, this venue has all the things you need.

If you’re a member of The Resort Experiences you enjoy two complimentary certificates for ½ kg cake and one certificate for a pint of wine.

We let members get more certifications as they choose different membership options. Discounts on buffet at different membership levels are-

Signature Membership

Complimentary Buffet Meal for Two- Signature Members enjoy one certificate for a complimentary buffet meal for two people. This certificate is valid from Monday-Friday.

Ivory Membership

  • Complimentary Buffet Meal for Two- Ivory Members enjoy one certificate for a complimentary buffet meal for two people. This certificate is valid from Monday to Friday.
  • Complimentary Sunday Brunch for Two- Another exciting discount for ivory members. Get one certificate for complimentary Sunday brunch for two people.

Card Benefits on Food and Beverages

Members of The Resort Experiences not only get high-value certificates but also enjoy some fantastic perks and card benefits. These include:

Discount of Food

  • Get a 50% discount on dinner for 2,
  • Get a 33% discount on dinner for 3,
  • Get a 25% discount on dinner for 4,
  • Get a 20% discount if you have more than 5 guests or up to 20 guests,
  • Get a 20% discount when dining alone.

Enjoy a 20% discount on the following:

  • All Beverages
  • Room Service
  • Bakery Items
  • Spa Services

-Every Tuesday, we offer a 50% discount on all our food items at all outlets. Offer Valid for up to 10 guests.

-Celebrate Members Night on Wednesday evenings. Buy one beverage, get the same second free for up to 10 guests.

Get The Best Offer and Enjoy Your Next Buffet Meal!

Five Star hotels always make you feel pampered, no matter what level of comfort you’re in for. They also provide a variety of superior quality food & drink, making it worth the value. If you want to enjoy an unparalleled stay in Mumbai, book your stay at The Resort, a luxury hotel you’ll never forget.

When traveling, good food and beverage services is one of the key aspects of a five-star hotel. No matter where you’re staying on vacation or for business, you’ll want to indulge in all that your heart desires.

A five-star hotel has a large selection of high-quality food and beverages, helping you really take in the ambiance of your vacation. If you’re looking for a luxurious buffet experience, consider The Resort Experiences. Sign up now to enjoy your next buffet meal!