8 Smart Reasons To Join A Hotel Loyalty Program

Why Join A Hotel Loyalty Program Today?

Hotels are always looking for ways to make their guests feel welcome and appreciated. One way that they do this is by offering unique perks and rewards to those who stay with them. In recent years, hotels have been introducing loyalty programs as a way of keeping guests loyal and returning.

The benefits of joining a hotel loyalty program today include:

  • Free upgrades for the guest’s next visit
  • Complimentary food and beverage items at the hotel
  • Exclusive discounts on future stays

A Hotel loyalty program can be a really good way to save money on hotels. It is a win-win for both the hotel and its guests. It’s important to know what your customers want so that you can provide it. Hotel loyalty programs are used by hotels to help them understand their guests’ interests, tastes, and preferences.

8 Smart Reasons To Join A Hotel Loyalty Program

Travellers are often rewarded in return for their patronage towards the hotel. You may have noticed that many of the top hotels offer rewards based on length of stay or through sign-up bonuses. They can result in free luxury meals, free spa treatments, and much more.

When it comes to booking a hotel, you can get great discounts with a rewards program. It’s a way of saving money by getting each and every member the best deal. Here is a compilation of 8 smart reasons why you must join a hotel loyalty program –

1) Get rewarded every time you stay at the hotel

One of the pre-eminent qualities of a hotel loyalty program is that members get rewarded after every stay. The purpose of a loyalty program is to make your every experience at the hotel an unforgettable one that keeps customers coming back for more.

Some benefits of a hotel’s loyalty program can be costly, but they’re worth the investment. Be sure you review these benefits and check their overall validity. In general, annual programs are the most profitable and provide consumers with a lot of value.

2) Discounts on stay, food & beverages & other facilities

If a hotel is full, it might offer room upgrades as an alternative way to compensate for the inconvenience. If you’re not a member of their loyalty program, you will likely not be able to get this upgrade as compensation.

Many hotels will offer certain discounts and other special deals in order to keep their customers coming back. These discounts often include spa treatments, complimentary gym access, and more.

Membership can give you access to discounts on food and beverages at the hotel, as well as facilities that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. Some of these membership benefits include:

  • Complimentary night stays
  • Restaurant discount for members.
  • Members-only happy hours.
  • Discounts on spa services.

3) Reward levels at all budget

Customers have this perception that loyalty programs are too expensive to be worth it. Let us tell you they’re wrong! With loyalty programs ranging from Gold, Silver and Platinum, you can choose the one that offers the most benefits for your budget. Each membership has its own benefits that vary in degree.

4) Special Membership Card & Members-only benefit

Many hotels now offer a membership card that allows guests to gain exclusive access to certain experiences at the hotel. These membership cards are a great way to gain access to special members-only benefits. The benefits may include early check-in, free upgrades, and discounts on spa treatments.

Members get exclusive access to discounts, benefits and special privileges for staying with this hotel. Some hotels also host members-only nights, where you can enjoy happy hours and discounts on food and beverages.

5) Get special perks & VIP treatment

One of the best things about joining a hotel rewards membership program is that you’ll definitely be treated to the VIP experience every time you travel. After all, sometimes it’s just the little things that can make you feel pampered and extra special.

There are lots of amenities to be enjoyed when staying in a luxurious hotel. Things like having someone greet you at the lobby and providing access to an exclusive club or lounge really do make a difference when it comes to booking your lavish stay. All of the benefits might vary from hotel to hotel, so don’t be afraid to ask what you can expect as a member.

6) Can be used in different locations

If you are a member of a hotel that is located in multiple locations, you have the benefits of the hotel discounts and perks at different cities. This is one of the biggest benefits of hotel loyalty programs.

7) Use it for hosting business meetings & conferences

Although hotels were originally designed as a place for leisure activities, they are now used for hosting different types of corporate events. As a member, you get access to discounts on stays, conference and meeting space, as well as a VIP list of amenities. Whether you need a place for your colleagues to stay or if you’re hosting a business event, hotel memberships are great.

8) Serves as a great virtual gift

Gifting a luxury hotel membership is a thoughtful way to show you care about someone. The best part is that it’s a present they can use year-round, and it makes an excellent anniversary gift or birthday gift. A hotel membership is a great way to give our loved ones or guests an unforgettable experience.

What Is The Best Hotel Loyalty Program In Mumbai For Leisure Travellers?

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What Are The Benefits Of Being A Member At The Resort Experiences?

What are the benefits of becoming a member at The Resort Experiences? With us, you’ll get exclusive access to special events and perks. We offer a premium, one-of-a-kind experience that’s not available anywhere else.

We offer three levels of Membership: Classic, Signature, and Ivory. All memberships have 33 certificates each and are among the best deals at this facility. The vast selection of certifications on our website makes it easy to choose your ideal membership package.

Various exclusive benefits are available to all members of Resort Experiences. These include:

Complimentary Buffet Meal– One of the benefits of this membership is a complimentary buffet meal for two people. This offer is available on all three certificates; however, it is not valid on Sunday brunch.

Complimentary Cake and Wine- As a member of the Resort Experiences, you get two complimentary certificates for ½ kg cake and one certificate for a complimentary pint of wine. Now you can enjoy your celebrations in style at The Resort Mumbai.

Discount on Group Dining– We have an exciting offer you might be interested in. From Sunday to Friday get 50% off food for up to 10 people. Enjoy 4 certificates for this great offer!

Complimentary Pool– Members can enjoy 8 complimentary pool certificates between Monday to Thursday and 4 complimentary pool certificates any day.
Complimentary Parking benefits & Beach Access– Enjoy one complimentary certificate for parking access for 3 hours and a complimentary certificate for beach access for a family of six.

Special Discount on Room & Spa– Membership at The Resort Experiences also provides the opportunity to save on room rates and spa facilities. Enjoy 4 certificates for 20% off on rooms, 2 certificates for 25% discount on Suites and Villas on Best Available rates (on the website), and 2 certificates for 30% off on spa treatments.

Discount on Special Packages– Members receive two certificates for a 15% discount on special packages, including New Year packages

Make your Memories Sea-nic– Enjoy a Pre-wedding shoot, Bridal Shoot, or non-commercial photo session at Rs. 5000+ taxes, including tea or coffee for 6.

Members can also get access to additional certifications, depending on the membership option they choose. Here are all the available certificates in each level-


Members with Classic status are eligible for one complimentary night stay between Sunday-Friday in a Standard Room. This offer is valid for non-ocean-facing rooms.


As a Signature Member, you will get an additional 5 certificates. They include:

  • Enjoy a complimentary night’s stay in a Standard room when you check in any day of the week. This offer is available for non-ocean-facing rooms.
  • Receive a complimentary night’s stay in a Deluxe Ocean-view room. You can check in any day from Sunday-Friday.
  • Enjoy one certificate for a complimentary buffet meal for two people. This is valid from Monday-Friday.
  • Get 3 hours of free Board Room access that can accommodate up to 12 people.
  • Get a certificate for 30% off Spa Treatments.


As an Ivory Member, you will get an additional 6 certificates. They include:

  • Get one certificate for a complimentary night’s stay in an exclusive deluxe room that has a stunning ocean view. You can check-in any day of the week and enjoy maximum comfort.
  • Get a free night’s stay in a Deluxe Ocean-View Room. Check-In any day between Sunday to FridayEnjoy a free buffet meal for two people. Valid from Monday-Friday.
  • Get 3 hours of free Board Room access that can accommodate up to 12 people.
  • Enjoy one complimentary Sunday brunch for two people.
  • Enjoy one certificate for a 30% discount on Spa Treatments.

Card Benefits

The Resort Membership entitles members to some terrific card benefits, including discounts on food & beverages, hotel stays, and more. Here are some of our great rewards:

Discount of Food

  • Enjoy a 50% discount on dinner for 2,
  • Enjoy a 33% discount on dinner for 3,
  • Enjoy a 25% discount on dinner for 4,
  • Enjoy a 20% discount if you have more than 5 guests or up to 20 guests,
  • Enjoy a 20% discount when dining alone.

Other Benefits

Enjoy a 20% discount on the following-

  • All Beverages
  • Room Service
  • Bakery Items
  • Spa Services

-Every Tuesday, we offer a special discount on all of our meals. You can get 50% off on all food at all of our outlets. Valid for up to 10 guests.
-Wednesday Evenings are member’s night. Buy one beverage, get the same second free for up to 10 guests.

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