A Complete Guide To The Best Hotel Membership In Mumbai And Its Benefits

What Is A Hotel Membership?

Hotel memberships give guests access to luxurious benefits at a hotel of their choice. There are different levels of service offered including annual membership, monthly membership, and lifetime subscriptions. Luxury hotels offer fascinating experiences by providing hotel benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. These would include personalized service, amenities, and a chance to truly feel special when you arrive.

When staying at a hotel, some people use memberships to get exclusive benefits and amenities that they can’t get anywhere else. Loyalty programs are a way for hotels to build sustainable relationships with important customers, who can then be rewarded in ways that aren’t easily found elsewhere.

How A Hotel Membership Can Elevate Your Travel Experience And Save You Time & Money?

A hotel membership is a way for people to save money, time, and effort when travelling. It can also help you to get the most out of your vacation. Some hotels offer memberships that are cheaper or provide more benefits than others, but all offer some sort of savings in exchange for an annual fee or another payment method.

With the popularity of staycations, hotel memberships are becoming an important tool in travellers’ checklists. These programs provide discounts and other incentives to loyal customers who book stays frequently at the hotel.

There are many different types of luxury hotels, and they all have a variety of different membership programs for you to choose from. They are designed to give their customers the best value for the amount of money that they spend. You can use your membership for things like discounts on hotel stays, spa treatments, and more! Here are some of the benefits you can find in a hotel membership:

  • Free or discounted stays
  • Room upgrades
  • Priority booking
  • Late Check-out
  • Early Check-in
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Discount on spa treatments
  • Complimentary gym and pool access

How To Find The Best Hotel Memberships In Mumbai?

Mumbai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is also a city with a lot of hotels. There are many ways to find the best hotel membership deals in Mumbai, but you need to be careful when choosing one. Some options might not be worth your time and money while others could end up costing you more than what you bargained for.

Hotel memberships can be a convenient way to maximize your benefits and enjoy better service. Some programs may offer certain incentives, such as special offers or discounts. When looking for the best program for your needs, it’s important to find which has the greatest variety of incentives available!

A well-designed hotel loyalty program can be tailored to your needs, offer you more value as a customer, and allow you to get the most out of your travels. The key is determining what you need out of your program including how often you travel, what type of hotel room/type you stay in, and what amenities/experiences are important for your lifestyle.

The Resort Mumbai – Perfect Destination For Leisure Travellers

Mumbai is the perfect destination for all kinds of travellers. With its cultural diversity, people and attractions, there’s something for everyone here. The Resort Mumbai is located close to Madh-Marve Road, Aksa Beach and features modern rooms with WiFi. It’s a great place for travellers looking to relax.

luxury hotel accommodations

The rooms here have beautiful views of the garden and sea. Our rooms are designed to provide the highest level of comfort. We provide a number of amenities like restaurants and bars, an indoor pool, spa, & much more! Avid travellers who like to indulge in luxury hotel accommodations that offer perks such as tranquil settings, amenable staff and over-the-top amenities will love this place.

How Can ‘The Resort Experiences’ Benefit You As A Traveller?

The Resort Mumba

The Resort Mumbai now offers a membership called “The Resort Experiences.” The new members-only experience at The Resort Mumbai offers a diverse range of values for all lifestyles. The exclusive membership entitles you to a lifestyle of luxury and exclusivity. You’ll get all the services, facilities, and discounts at The Resort Mumbai.

With the membership, you get access to The Resort Mumbai’s amazing facilities on a whole new level. This is the perfect vacation gift & keeps on giving with its great benefits. Our memberships offer unique perks and opportunities that can be difficult to come by elsewhere. It’s like having a once-in-a-lifetime experience – don’t pass it up!

Membership packages are available at three different levels, with each package better tailored to different needs. These include the Ivory Membership, Signature Membership, and Classic Membership. Here are some details about the three different memberships-

Signature: We take the search for your next family hotel to a whole new level by giving you access to complimentary hotel rooms and meals. We also provide discounts on spa treatments and exclusive privileges only available with our membership. With our signature membership, get over 30 certificates to choose from and make this year your best one yet!

Classic: Up to 30+ significant benefits are available to Classic Members in the first year including discounts, complimentary food & drinks at our restaurants and bars, one-off services like spa treatments, and more.

Ivory: If you’re looking for an amazing luxury hotel membership offer in Mumbai, look no further. With our Best Seller- Ivory Membership, you get an ocean-view deluxe room, Sunday brunch, pool access, and more.

Benefits of The Resort Experiences

At The Resort Experiences, we offer plenty of perks to our members. Sign up today and plan that perfect vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Here are just some of the benefits

1. Complimentary Buffet Meal for Two

Complimentary Buffet Meal for Two

By signing up for a Resort Experiences membership, you will receive a wonderful complimentary buffet meal for two people.

This certificate is valid on all three membership types- Classic, Signature, and Ivory. However, this offer is not valid on Sunday Brunch.

2. Complimentary Cake and Wine

When you need a special occasion or an unforgettable getaway in Mumbai, you should consider The Resort Mumbai. Whether it’s your birthday or other significant occasions, you’re sure to have the perfect party here.

The Resort Mumbai offers two complimentary certificates for ½ kg cake and one complimentary certificate for a pint of wine to members of The Resort Experiences.

3. Discount on Group Dining

Celebrating a special event? Sign up for The Resort Experiences and get access to amazing discounts on group celebrations! If you’re a member, we’re sure a group celebration at

The Resort will be fabulous.

From Sunday to Friday get 50% off on food for up to 10 people. Enjoy 4 certificates with this deal on group dining. We are here to make your celebrations even more memorable!

4. Complimentary Pool, Beach, and Parking Benefits

The Resort Experiences membership truly benefits you in a variety of ways. Members are treated to special perks like complimentary pool, beach, and parking access.

Members enjoy 8 certificates for complimentary use of the pool on Monday to Thursday and 4 certificates for complimentary use of the pool on any day.

Enjoy one complimentary certificate for parking access for 3 hours and a complimentary certificate for beach access for a family of six.

5. Exclusive Discount on Rooms & Spa

Exclusive Discount on Rooms & Spa

Discount on stay and spa? That’s right! As a resort experience member, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on our rooms and spas. With this, every moment of your vacation will become a luxurious experience at The Resort Mumbai.

Visit The Resort and enjoy 4 certificates for 20% off on rooms, 2 certificates for 25% discount on Suites and Villas on Best Available rates (on the website).

Looking for a luxurious spa experience but on a budget? Get this offer to save 30%. Get 2 certificates for a discount on spa treatments. Valid for 90 minutes or less with any treatment option.

6. Discount on Special Packages

Members get two certificates for a 15% discount on special packages, including New Year packages.



Enjoy a Pre-wedding shoot, Bridal Shoot, or non-commercial photo session at Rs. 5000+ taxes, including tea or coffee for 6.

Choose your preferred membership plan and then enjoy the myriad of additional benefits that come along with it. Whether it’s one-off services, certificates, or various other amenities, there is always something to enjoy and explore at The Resort Mumbai.

Classic Membership

Members of the Classic tier will now be able to enjoy a complimentary night’s stay in a standard room between Sundays to Fridays. This offer is valid for non-ocean-facing rooms only.

Signature Membership

Signature Members get 5 additional high-value certificates in addition to the ones listed above which makes this membership an incredible deal. These include:

Get a complimentary night’s stay in a Standard Room any day of the week! This offer is available for non-ocean-facing rooms only.
Make your stay at The Resort a memorable one and enjoy a complimentary night’s stay in a Deluxe Ocean-view room. You can check in any day from Sunday to Friday.
Enjoy one certificate for a complimentary buffet meal for two people. This is valid from Monday-Friday.
Receive 3 hours of complimentary access to the Board Room for up to 12 guests.
Get a certificate for 30% off Spa Treatments.

Ivory Membership

Ivory Membership provides access to 6 additional certificates. They include:

Get one complimentary night’s stay in a Deluxe Ocean-view room. You can check in any day of the week and enjoy maximum comfort.
Get one complimentary night’s stay in a Deluxe Ocean-view room. Check in any day between Sunday to Friday.
Enjoy one certificate for a complimentary buffet meal for two people. This is valid from Monday-Friday.
Get 3 hours of free Board Room access that can accommodate up to 12 people.
Enjoy one certificate for a complimentary Sunday brunch for two people.
Enjoy one certificate for a 30% discount on Spa Treatments.

Card Benefits

Members of The Resort Experiences enjoy not only high-value certificates but also some impressive perks and card benefits, including:

Discount of Food

  • Get a 50% discount on dinner for 2,
  • Get a 33% discount on dinner for 3,
  • Get a 25% discount on dinner for 4,
  • Get a 20% discount if you have more than 5 guests or up to 20 guests,
  • Get a 20% discount when dining alone.

Enjoy a 20% discount on the following:

  • All Beverages
  • Room Service
  • Bakery Items
  • Spa Services

-Every Tuesday celebrate member’s day. Get a 50% discount on all your food meals at all outlets in the resort. This offer is valid for up to 10 guests.
-Celebrate Members Night on Wednesday evenings. Buy one beverage, get the same second free for up to 10 guests.

3 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For The Resort Experiences

If you want to save money and still enjoy a luxurious vacation, the Resort Experiences Membership is the perfect option for you. It will give you unlimited access to all of the amenities and benefits that come at The Resort Mumbai. Here are 3 reasons why you must sign up for The Resort Experiences –

1. Luxury beach-side Property – As a Resort Experiences member, you will enjoy a stay with stunning views of the sea while staying in an idyllic tropical location. All the amenities and facilities that this prestigious property has to offer, including access to services & attractions and wonderful tasting food are only made possible through amazing discounts that you receive as a member.

2. Ideal for hosting parties or events – For guests who are travelling on a budget and want to host an extravagant event, The Resort Experiences provides plenty of discounts and freebies through meal plans & card benefits.

3. Wide range of benefits – Lastly, your advantages as a Resort Experiences member are unbeatable. You get complimentary room stays, discounts on spa treatments, and so much more. With these benefits, your visit to The Resort Mumbai will leave you happy and satisfied every time!

We offer members some of the best experiences in the city. Get exclusive access to participate in high-quality experiences, as well as discounts and benefits by joining The Resort Experiences today!